Monday, May 13, 2013

Motivation Monday Link Up Day 1

Good Monday Morning!!! Let's get this Monday started right by linking up your weight loss successes, heath advice, fitness tips, healthy recipes, and weight loss blogs! 

Let's make some new friends and read some inspirational stories!
Ready for the most exciting part??? 

We are going to pick our top three posts each week and feature you on our blogs!

How amazing is that?


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So I know that sometimes it's hard to stay motivated. I know that our lives and duties as women take most part of our days. I know that the number one thing I think about all day long is "What in the heck and I going to cook for dinner?" Seriously, it really is. I get stressed out about it. Because we like to eat healthy, but I also have to keep a pretty big rotation. I dont like to keep eating the same things. I get burnt out on eating some of the same things alot. So I spend half the dang day thinking about food! bueno!
How I stay motivated:
1. I read other womens stories/blogs. Seriously when I read that a woman who has gone from my size/weight or even bigger has surpassed he goal weight and then some; wow. It motivates me to move my ass ans quit thinking about ice cream!
2.  I pack my gym clothes and they are in the car with me. When I leave work I can go one of two ways home; but both ways pass by the gym. So I have no excuse!
3. I surround myself with like-minded individuals. Im really blessed that Jeremy is as into fitness and being healthy as I am. Because our family memebers and friends are not! So we are very lucky!
4. I remind myself often why I am doing this. To be healthy is to be happy is to be healthy.
I hope that I am able to help motivate you in some way. I know that some of you that follow me on Instagram you guys inspire me too! I look at yalls progress and I love it! Its such an awesome feeling to see progress and to know that all your harwork is paying off! So kudos to those of you who are dominating the evil fats! Go girls!

So keep it going! And dont forget to link up!
Peace and love,


  1. So excited to join this! Blogging has seriously brought so much motivation to my life, including you!

  2. I'm stoping by from the link up. You have found some great ways to stay motivated! I know exactly what you mean about reading other women's blogs. There are blogs I read because they encourage me to keep working on my weight loss, other blogs I follow because the blogger has amazing eating habits that I admire, and other blogs I follow because the blogger is an accomplished runner and I need motivation to get where they are one day. What would I do without the internet?

    Ashley @

  3. I just started my weight loss blog and now looking for friends to keep me motivated! I would love to hear other stories and their weight loss journey. I know this is gonna be hard but I am going to do it!

  4. The blog motivates me to keep working to weight loss, I follow because the blogger has amazing eating habits that I admire .

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