Friday, May 10, 2013

New Sandals!

Warning: Very short and boring post today! lol..
So yesterday after I got off work I decided I wanted to go to Target and get a new pair of sandals. I have a turquoise pair and a black pair. I was missing a brown pair. So I was lucky to find some cute ones in my size! Last box too!

Please excuse my unpolished toe nails. That will be changing this weekend!

So we found out last night that Jeremy has to work all weekend. So it looks like its me and Lady all weekend... =( I hate when he has to work on the weekends. I know that we live together and I see him everyday. But only for like 3 hours at night before we go to bed and then about 45 minutes in the morning. He's my best friend. When Im not feeling good or sad or just wanting to be home. He's my home. If he's not at home I dont feel warm or comfortable or at ease. I get ready for bed and actually get in bed about 30 to 45 minutes earlier than he does. I like to unwind from my day early and catch up on emails or read magazines in bed; while he...well I dont actually know what he does while Im relaxing in bed! haha... But on days that Im really tired; I try to fall asleep without him, and I just lie there starring at the ceiling. BUT as soon as he climbs in bed, its like BOOM Im out! haha! So I cant sleep without him. If he ever had to work out of town again Im pretty sure that I would become an insomniac. He worked out of town when we first starting dating...before his toothbrush had a spot at my place in the bathroom! It sucked, but I visited often! lol..
 But now, three years later, I couldnt do it! (ok, I could but it would SUCK!) You hear me Mr. Favors? I said no! Ok! lol.. love you babe!



So anyways enough about my new shoes, and my lover! I boring! Anyways, dont forget Sunday is Mother's Day! And see you guys back here for....Motivation Mondays!! Starting this coming Monday 5/13/13!! If you want the info for the link up early, email me!
Peace and Love,


  1. I love you girl! I couldn't sleep without my boo either. Like at all.

  2. That was such a sweet post! Love it :]

  3. Pretty shoes!