Monday, May 6, 2013

Green Thumb / Motivation Mondays

So lately, Jeremy suddenly has this green thumb!
We currently have 4 tomato plants on the porch. And he's just so excited for them!

One of them even has tomatoes on it!

Last week we went to Lowe's and stocked up on supplies and bought two more tomato plants. We bought two from Walmart Saturday and then he decided he wanted two more. So ok fine, load up Maggie! (Maggie was my next door neighbors dog when I was little and they took her everywhere  in their big van. She was a long haired golden retriever. Super smart, Super talented it just stuck and we always say Load up Maggie when we are all going somewhere)
so perrrty!
pretty spring flowers

the veggies
I have been trying to widen our weekly recipe rotation. For awhile I was just cooking the same few things because they were easier to just "throw together" but I could tell Jerms was getting tired of the same thing. So last week I switched it up! And found some pretty easy recipe!
I made Chicken Stir Fry!!! Ohhhhh goodness it was sooo good! Jerms loved it as much as I did!
It was delish!

And I made chicken enchilada bake. Which was so delicious! I called for corn, shredded chicken, cheese and corn tortillas with enchilada sauce. I think next time I'll add black beans and maybe some chopped tomatoes. 

And last night I made a pineapple cake. Jerms loves pineapple; so I thought I would make him a little treat!
And it was def a hit!

Motivation Mondays

So Wendy and I are starting something new next week.
Wendy of A Daily Dose of Del Signore and I want to bring all of our weight loss bloggers and non bloggers together now to offer support, motivation and any kind of inspiration we can.
But we're gonna need your help!
Every Monday, you will find us here with a link up.
Whatever you've got, bring it!
We're searching for weight loss stories, progress updates, healthy recipes, great tips...
If it's weight loss/fitness/health anything, we want it here!
We would love to hear from you any tips, tricks, advice etc that you just want to put out there to help anyone else who reads our blogs! We really hope that this can and will start something great and keep us all motivated! Since summer is almost here! 
We're going to start next Monday, May 13th!
Help us spread the word by sharing our Motivation Monday button.

You can also email me if your not a blogger and I will be sure that your tips, suggestions, advice gets heard!


  1. I really wanted to go stock up on some pretty flowers this weekend! Lucky you! Very excited for the link up :)

  2. I found a link to your blog on A Daily Dose of Del Signore and just started following on google friend connect. Your chicken enchilada bake looks yummy!

    Ashley @