Tuesday, April 30, 2013

REALLY late weekend recap!

Good Tuesday everyone!!!

I know that you all have been missing me! lol...haha. ok I'll sit down now. So here is my very late weekend recap!:

So Thursday Brayden and I did a little shopping! I took him to the Lego store...he was very hesitant at first. Which to me was weird. I mean arent 8 year olds supposed to be into this kind of stuff?

I dont know what was up with the hood...I swear that boy!

Then I did a little browsing in Sephora...couldnt find what I wanted and they were suuuper busy for a weekday! Brayden entertained himself very well!
He was pretending to be a manikin.
We also went to H&M and I got Jerms a cute shirt for church and me three shirts!
One of the cute shirts from H&M; It's sleeveless and a coral color Tunic length

Friday Jerms had the day off too, so we went to FINALLY get me a new pair of running shoes! We went to Fleet Feet in the Village (Near Rice University; donwtown Houston)
And they really are the shit! If you have flat feet, I truly reccomend you to go get fitted for a shoe specifically made for flat feet. I didnt know that there are different ones! Seriously; do NOT go to a sporting goods store! Go to a SPECIALTY store. Where they size your foot and evaluate your walk, and foot! It amazing! Finally...NO PAIN!!!

And I think they are cute!
While we were in the Village we stumbled upon a cute candy shop!
Then we took Brayden to the skate park by our house.


Then momma went home and took a nap before festivities took place at Jeremy's mom's house.
All the kids(and some adults) playing egg toss

Saturday Jerms and I took Brayden to a Jiu Jitsu Tournament
It was really cool, because some guys from Jerm's training gym were competing! I like to watch.
Saturday afternoon Jerms and I hit up the gym. I ran on the treadmill before going to lift some weights.

Sunday Brayden had to go back with his mom so we walked the trail at the park with LadyBug before dropped him off and went grocery shopping. We then went home to just recoup and relax! I was soo dog tired!
So I hope you guys had a good weekend! Sorry I've been slacking on posting, but Ive got some surprises and good things coming your way! I promise!
Till next time my friends!

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