Monday, April 15, 2013

Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner

Good Monday Morning!!!!

First of I would like to say congrats to Kindra and Wendy!
I have emailed both of you ladies, so check your emails and let me know!
Now, this weekend was a very laid back one for me. I did the normal clean house, laundry, dishes and I food prepped for this week! Which I was very excited about. I am only 2 pounds away from meeting my 20lb weigh loss since the first day I started working out!
So, these next two weeks I am going to make it my goal to lose that 2 lbs and maybe a little more.
All weekend the scale and I have been very close.

I decided to try both of my scales, just because one day I was curious... You see why!
Also, has anyone else had this problem...since losing weight; my shoe size has gone down from 8.5 to 8....anyone? I guess its normal because you lose fat everywhere! lol... and my legs tone up faster than any other part of my body first.
Friday night after I got done with my hair appointment, I met Jerms at his Jiu Jitsu school and watched him for the last 30 minutes of class.
Then, he surprised me by going to Academy and buying me the Heart Rate Monitor that I have been having my eye on...Because it has been on sale. Regularly $109.00, on sale for $58.99!!! Thats pretty darn good!
I couldnt wait to get it home and set myself up!
I am officially apart of the club!!!! If there isnt one, theres one now! HRM Club memebers Unite!! lol..

Saturday I made cauliflower pizza...and I swear everytime I make it it gets better and better!

And then I gave myself a home manicure...cuz I needed it!
Pretty cute huh?

Sunday I meal Prepped for this week, I had a pretty relaxed day. Jerms worked so I went grocery shopping, cleaned a little bit and cooked. Although I felt like I cooked all day!

My flowers are dying =( But they look pretty like this too, I just cant bring myself to throw them away!
Sunday night we relaxed with our adult beverages out on the porch, and LB watched the birds chirp away. Shes such a good baby girl!

Operation Skinny Jeans

And this week, I have alot of fitness goals to meet!
 Goal 1. JM 30Day Shred at 4:30am Tues-Fri. and Gym 4:30pm Tues-Sat
Goal 2. move on to Level 3 JM30Day Shred on Sunday
Goal 3. Try to keep the streak of going to bed at a resonable hour this week..(8:30pm)
Goal 4. Keep track of my food intake and fitness all week.
And I leave you with this:
Because its the truth!
haha! Happy Monday everyone!


  1. Yay! So excited!! =)

    Also so proud of your hard work girl. Keep it up, you're an awesome motivation.

  2. Thank you so much for the follow.^^
    Follow you back on bloglovin and gfc,too.
    Do you also follow me on gfc???
    Lovely greets

  3. Congrats on the heart rate monitor! I am super jealous! That is such a great deal!!!

    Those are stellar goals this week! I have the JM 30 day shred dvd sitting on my shelf, but I haven't had the heart to try again. I tried it 35 lbs ago and I wanted to cry in the fetal position. You have inspired me to try again :D

    Good luck this week and thanks for linking up!


    Operation Skinny Jeans