Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Normally, I do not comment on things that happen around the world. I strongly believe that politics, religion and strong topics such as those should only be discussed in very few place. However, knowing that the Boston Marathon is such a prestigious achievement I had to comment.

I was on my way home in the car when I heard of anything happening. The radio was set on 93Q(My fav country station) (Yes! I love country music!) And the radio DJ was commenting on the lives lost and wounded at the Boston Marathon Bombing earlier in the day. I immediately said WHAT?!! OMG! So as I was sitting at the red light, I busted out my phone and googled  Boston...I didnt have to type further. It filled it in for me. I was hoping it wasn't real. It was very real! Photos of blood everywhere and runners knocked off of their feet and by standers of the race lying on the ground. There was one picture of a very young innocent bystander who was sitting in a wheel chair who also no longer had any feet. His FEET!

I cried my whole way home.

When I finally got home I sat on the couch and read what CNN reported and a few other stations had to say. Then I watched a video. A few people had captured both of the blasts on video. My heart sank.

I saw on runner completely just unaware of what was about to happen; then BOOM! The blast went off and he was knocked on his feet. He was so close to the finish line. I also saw that someone had scooped him up an ran him away from the blast and over the finish line.

Its so tragic that people; humans would do this. Our world is fading, becoming an evil filled world. The bible says that we as humans naturally have evil in our hearts. But that it is God's purpose for us to seek Him, so that He can cast out all evil in our hearts. There is no possible way that someones religion or "God" would call them to do this.

My heart goes out to everyone affected by this horrible event.
Let us continue to pray for everyone.

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