Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Weighing In

Ok, so today is my Very First Weigh-In Wednesday


And I am super excited because; this week I have been blessed!
Im not exactly sure why, where or how...But Im doing it!
So here is my weigh in for this week:

I know your like...wait does that say  196!!!
It sure does my friends! And I am soo oober excited! 20.4 pounds GONE! And never invited back to this party...EVER AGAIN!

<---Day 1

                                                 Today 4/17/13--->

Gosh, Im so excited! I cannot wait to see this scale continue to go down! I weighed myself last night after I got out of the shower...and I just knew this morning when I woke up that I was going to hit my mark! And a whole week and a half early! Golly!
So, my workout yesterday was:
4:30 am JM 30Day Shred  burned 169 Calories
And last night I went to the gym for 20Min elliptical warm up and 45 minute Zumba class
837 Calories burned! Wowza
And my shirt was completely soaked. But I loved it! The only time I shake my booty is in Zumba! Although Jeremy would probably wish otherwise...but Maybe one day! hahaha!
Anyways, I have also been fueling my body pretty healthily lately. What I've been eating:
Breakfast: Multi Grain Sandwich Rounds(100cal) 1Tbps Almond Butter, Squeeze of Honey
1 Cup of Black coffee with honey
Am Snack: Fruit (Strawberries/grapes/orange) and 1/2 C Yogurt(95 cal.) 
 Lunch: 3 oz of chicken and about 2 oz of Brown rice with a big spinach/spring mix salad at lunch
Pm Snack: Fiber One Bar(140 Cal) or an Orange or a Protein Bar
Dinner: Usually something with Chicken or Stuffed Bell Peppers or Cauliflower Pizza, Ground Turkey Tacos, or Spaghetti w/Ground Turkey and always veggies!
I guzzle a crap ton of water all day long. And I only drink my protein shake after a workout to repair my muscles. Its Jay Robb Vanilla Whey Protein. I add frozen blueberries, ice, 1Tbsp Almond Butter and a few leaves of Spinach...Yummmm
So I hope that everyone is have a wonderful week so far! Its hump day and Im super excited! The weekend needs to get here FAST!

 Gotta run! Well...not really..gotta get back to work! lol...
Peace and love,


  1. How freaking exciting! Do you have an ultimate goal weight or are you focusing on getting healthy and seeing staying at whatever weight you are when that happens? You're looking so good and you look happy. Keep it up pretty lady!

  2. Welcome to the WIW link up! This is an amazing group of women who will battle with you as you have ups and downs on this journey! Welcome again and congrats on the loss so far!

  3. 20 pounds gone! Yay! Awesome job girl!