Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Feelin good, Feelin Great!

Good Tuesday to you guys!
  I am feeling much better than yesterday!
 I was soo sleepy and tired and just BLAHHHH!
 But no more!
 Yesterday I got home and I right away turned on JM's 30Day Shred and got on with it!
Left-After JM (had to take my shirt off), Right-Before JM

After one day off, I didnt do too bad. And you know what..
Im not sore. I mean my knees, legs dont ache or anything. I think taking a rest from running has really helped. And last night on Youtube I looked up how to tape yourself for Shin Splints! So until we get around to getting us new shoes, I will be using the taping method. Cuz like I said...
And to give myself a goal...Jeremy and I have decided to run our first ever 5K together at the Kemah Toga Fun Run on September 14, 2013!!!!! Im pretty excited about it!
I know its like 5 months away...but it'll be here tomorrow before I know it!
I want to make a little toga running outie for it! Haha I think it'll be fun!
I want to run  sooo badly!
 So last night we researched  a specialty running store that offers fittings, and the correct shoes etc...so hopefully we will be able to hit that up this weekend?? hunny??
Last night I seasoned up some chicken breasts and cut them in chunks, cooked in a pan; boiled brown rice, chopped some green bell peppers and used a can of sliced garlic basil tomotoes. It was sooo good!
My seasoning for the chicken:
Next time I think I will add black beans for more protein! But other than that, it was supppper yummie!
And if you havent read LeaAnne's post today over at Elle Noel about Food Tips you totally should! I definatly needed it! After my post yesterday about not knowing what to eat. Thanks girl, she is my daily inspiration! Have you seen her before and afters? OMG! She gives me such hope!
And let me just tell you; 2weeks till Brayden gets here!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!
Im so excited; but at the same time...we havent cleaned out his room yet! Yikes! Its half full of our boxes full of stuff we either dont need, or dont have use for, or dont have a place for....I need to commit to cleaning that out this weekend. UGH!
And how can I leave you without a pic of LadyBug?!! Shes soo sweet!

Have a wonderful Tuesday!!

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