Thursday, April 18, 2013

Squat Squat Squats Squats...Everybody!

Ya know...instead of shots shots shots shots.... everybody! Lemon Drop....Buttery Nipple...and thats all that I can rememeber! Haha!

Ok, so my post today is going to be about the Squat Fitness Challenge that I have decided to partake in with Beth at Hang On, Honey, and a few others. I am so excited for this challenge! Not only because I like squats, but also because I just know that it will benefit each and everyone of us!

So here are the daily squat requirements:

I have decided that I would split these up throughout my day. Mostly while Im at work because its so much easier. So everytime I go to the restroom I will do a few. And mark it down in my Fitness/Food journal!
If you dont follow me on Instagram...then you suck! haha....i kid. Anywho, I have decided to start writing my daily food intake and exercise.
Why?     Well because I found it soo easy to not log it into MyFitness Pal; which I do have one. But as I would get on my phone to log my food, I always found myself checking emails or Instagram instead. And Im a writer, I love to write. I like to put pen to paper; I feel like its more set in stone and it real for me. Maybe I'm a little old school; but I even use a purse calendar. I have not converted to my phone; and I probably wont. I would rather see it on paper, than on my phone.
But I encourage you to find what works for you!
I'm hoping that someone...anyone... would take pitty on me and get me an awesomely cool customized May Designs  Food/Fitness Journal! I soo want one! Like really bad!

Please excuse my gross legs...I got attacked by ants last summer and I still havent healed completely...ew!

So my legs in my before photo are HUGE! (In my opinion) So I am hoping that the Squat challenge will help slim my legs, help slim some of that inner thigh fat and pump up my booty! Yay!
Since I have been doing the 30Day Shred, I have noticed that my but is less flat! Jeremy too has noticed it! My butt used to be soo flat; no shape at all. Now its starting to form a shape and not so flat. Exciting!
If you would like to join in on the Squat Fitness Challenge...
1. Download the free app GroupMe!
2. Create your profile
3. Send Beth(Hang On, Honey) Your phone number and let her know you would like to join the challenge to her email
4. And get to Squating!!! lol..
I hope you do join us in this challenge Its going to be so much fun,a nd I promis anytime you need a pep talk, Im so here for you! Just email me!
My workout last night was JM 30Day Shred.
Burned 254 Cal. not bad not bad!
Also Jeremy got a free shirt from ATS Labs...and it came just in time for the Squat challenge! I might steal it! shh..(Oh crap, he's gonna read this...oh well!) Hi hunny!
Until next time my friends!

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