Monday, April 8, 2013

Confession, Carb Flu annnd my weekend

Hello Everyone!

Hope you guys had a terrific weekend!

I had a pretty blazay weekend.
Friday Jerms had to work late, so I did JM'S 30Day shred. And I was just so unmotivated to do it, but I stuck with it and got it done.
Saturday Jerms worked all day. So I decided Friday when he told me that I would take my first Zumba class in like 6 years!

I moved around the room like twice, I wanted to be able to see the instructor clearly; since it was obvious that all the ladies there were I didn't know the routines. But I also wanted enough room to move around; so I wouldn't hit any one! haha...

But it was cool, at first I was nervous, and I could feel my heart racing. But once she turned the music on and we started "busting moves" my nervousness went away. And I got really into it! I love it! The ladies kept begging for more! Usually its a 45 minute classe; but we went for an hour. The only time I had to alter the moves was towards the end; the last 2 routines with jumping jacks almost had me falling out! So I jogged in place instead.
The instructor was HILARIOUS! She had me laughing the whole time! There's another class tonight; which Im hoping I'll really be able to get to!
After the class I had tons of energy; which I needed because I was washing our laundry. We have this cool Washabeeria near us. So I went there; and the best get to DRINK while folding your clothes!!! Best invention EVER!!!

After folding clothes and getting home to put them away; I made a flounder salad. It was soo yummie!
Saturday night was our cheat meal night; so I chose sushi! So we got Sushi and Hibachi.
It was very tasty! And satisfying!
Sunday we ran errands(grocery shopped) I HATE grocery shopping. It takes FOOOOR-EEEVVVVER! And theres always a crap ton of people! Next time I wanna go at like midnight! haha!

My Sunday comfy look!
And last night I made Stiffed Bell Peppers. Recipe courtesy of my IG friend Ali Carlson.
(She's so sweet, and super stylish!)
They were so freakin good! I'll post the recipe on my Recipe page later.
Ok, so I have a confession....I did NOT do JM 30Day Shred last night....I KNOW!!!! Im getting back on it tonight. I was just so dang tired you guys. It wasn't so much the motivation...but I was tired. I told Jerm's something has to be wrong....which leads me to my next topic:

Carb Flu:

I have the "Low Carb Flu"!!!!!!! Google it, Its real! The low card flu,Keto Flu or induction flu
I have 4 out of 6 symptoms. Mine:
Lack of mental clarity
UGH! I wanted to do a low car diet because I thought it would help kick my fire burning; but it just has not. Ive been off of carbs for like 3 weeks now and I just cannot handle it anymore! To get rid of these feelings; it says to load up on protein, good fats and water! I am guzzling water all day, I eat a crap ton of protein and I try to fit in the healthy fats where I can. Im going to have to figure something else out.
All weekend I researched "clean"er eating. I wrote down every grocery item that is considered "clean" And when I wrote my grocery list, I followed by that guideline. Im just so confused and lost as to what I should/shouldn't eat! It so hard too because if I have a "big" recipe to follow by I get discouraged and dont try it. But if it's something simple; then I can manage. I like to cook; but not if it's a massively huge recipe!
What do yall eat?
If you know of any "simple" recipes send them my way! please....
 And because Jerm's worked this weekend...we had to put getting my shoes on hold. Im really considering going to the specialty store to let them "fit" me in a shoe...but the only one available is all the way across downtown Houston...and if anyone knows anything about that...well its practically a day trip thing. You'll be fighting traffic the majority of the day! ughhh...but I wanna run, so We HAVE to do it! mmk? mk!
Anywho, I hope you ladies have had a wonderful Marilyn Monday!!
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Happy Monday!!!



  1. OMG girl that flounder salad looks amazing! Like mouth waterhing NOM NOM NOM! ps I think you look awesome!

  2. We always get up early on Sundays to do our grocery shopping (unless we are little hungover haha)
    It is soo much better to get there by 8 when you have the aisles all to yourself!

  3. Washabeeria?? This place sounds awesome!