Wednesday, April 17, 2013

No Reply Blogger Comment


So since I started blogging, I could NOT figure out why the heck I was a "" It was supper irritating my friends.

Until I stumbled up on Beth's blog Hang On, Honey  and she had this cool link that was for people who were stuck in the "noreply" category. So I tried doing it...and it didnt work. But if you dont have Google + then click HERE was because I have Stupid Google Plus!!! (I dont prefer it) So then I googled: Noreply for google+ users. And look what I have found!!!!! Jenniffier's blog over at Sometimes Creative Life Golly! And it was so easy! So now, I am no longer in the Noreply category! Thanks my friends! And click HERE to change it for yourself too!

Until next time Friends!

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