Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Time for a change!

Today, I wanna talk about changing it up!
Lately, it seems like I have been so short on time, or rushing to get things done.
And then getting to bed late.
We I was waking up at 3:30am to hit up the gym by 4am.
But I have been thinking about it lately...and it just does not work for me.
Reason being: no matter what, we hardly ever are in bed before 9:45pm. And when your trying to lose weight; I've read that its healthy to get no less than 8 hours of sleep.
Well you can do the math...but it's obvious that's NOT 8 hours!!!
Gotta include at least 30 minutes of sexy time (holla!!) lol.... and then as soon as my head hits the pillow...BOOM I'm out.
BUT thats at least by 11pm. And Im just not getting enough rest. I refuse to cut out sexy time...umm hello..momma likes to get her groove on, and Jerms does too! hahahaha We're all friends here right?!! lol
So today I have decided that I am going to reverse the way that I workout! Yay for change!!
Instead of doing JM 30Day Shred in the evening; I will get up at 4:30am and do my 20 min workout with her. That gives me about 10 more minutes of extra time to take care of house and dog before I need to get ready for work (most would say that this would not excite them, but it does me!! I need to get stuff done i.e. unload dishwasher, cook Jerms breakfast, walk LB) then  get ready and head to work. Then when I get off; usually between 3:30pm and 4pm I head straight to the gym and kick butt!
This will also allow me to workout for 30 minutes, and then go to a class. I want to take a class at least 2-3 times a week. It's allowing me to change up my routine. Dont get stuck in a routine.
Im going to start this schedule change on Monday; because Jerm's mom's b day is tomorrow; so we are taking her out!
But Im pretty confident about this change and am looking forward to it actually! I have goals and I want to achieve them so badly!

My weight is up today. Sad; but duh...I havent been to the gym; just been hangin out with JM. Speaking of last night I taped my legs (for my shin splints) and I was actually able to get through the whole workout without pain! so yay! The tape will have to suffice for now, until we can afford to get me new shoes. Im just praying for a raise this week or next. Im suppossed to have my review...but my boss is a total air head. So I wouln't doubt if he put it off for another two weeks. BOO!

But anyway.
Last night after my sweaty sesh with JM. Jerms says that he can see some difference, I'm starting to be able to see very little progression. Like in my abdominal area (totally wish I had the balls to show you guys what my stomach looks like naked....but no!) Anyways Im starting to see my stomach get smaller in size. It will probably take me at least 3+ years to get my goal I need to remind you what I want? Ok, you talked me into it! haha

But yea, everyday Im closer and closer! And thats what I repeat to myself. Everyday you are closer and closer to every goal that you have! Yay me!

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Brush em brush em brush em.....(Grease anyone?)

Does anyone else do this? Brush your teeth at work?? I come prepared!! Annnnd Im having bad cravings cuz today was "bring junk food to the office" day. UGH!

What ways do you keep from getting into office junk food?
Happy Hump Day everyone!!

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  1. Girl keep up the AMAZING WORK! I literally cannot believe you get up so early to work out, I so wish I could do that! How's the JM shred? I keep hearing about it, maybe I should check it out :)

  2. You can do it girl! Find what works best for you and the rest will fall into place.