Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Struggles with my knee

This week has been a very tiring/stressful week. I've been exhausted especially for the past two days. I havent been taking Spark this week, because my variety pack ran out, and I just cannot afford to spend 50-something dollars on a supply right now...Its good stuff, but it's OUTRAGEOUSLY priced. I know, I know, its totally worth it. But um...yea my bank account and bills would scream!

But  we think that there is some fluid built up on my right knee. Jeremy says go to the doctor...YES! I want to; but I dont know any here that has a good reccomentation. I dont want anyone who will screw me over! I've never had to deal with any injuries and I wouldn't even know where to start. We've been researching on WedMd. And last night I took my first Ice Bath. I sat there for about 20 minutes just letting the cold water/ice take over my pain and swelling especially in my right lower leg and knee. It felt good after I was able to catch my breath...cold water makes me lose my breath. anywho I was able to just sit back and relax a little bit. Which is always nice!

Im very bummed out. I'm just now getting into a good groove, finally start seeing results and now this? A set back?

Im nervous about having to go see a doctor.
Will he tell me that I need to slow down?
Will he tell me that I have to take a break?
Will he tell me that I can't go to the gym in the morning AND JM's 30Day Shred in the evening too?
My fears exactly!

In other news...

Last night I completed Day 8, Level 2 of 30Day Shred! Yay me!!

It wasnt as hard as I thought that it was although it is still very challenging! Those cheerleader-whatever-they're called get me pumped up!! But Im still having trouble with all the plank stuff. But Im working on it!!                                                                                     Anywho Today on my lunch break I went and bought a few products thag Ive been seeing a lot of. And I want to give them a review. So you'll see that from me in the coming weeks! I hope that everyone is having a great wednesday!! Im going to go get Jerms and I Subway(ive been craving it all day and havent had bread in like two months!!) and then get into and ice bath!!      
                 peace and love!

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