Friday, April 19, 2013

Flashback Friday!

Today is Friday!!!! And I am super excited!!!
Why? Because I like the weekends! Duh!
Annnd Because Brayden will be here tomorrow!!!
We don't officially get him until Wednesday, because thats when i started my vacation...but still, it's exciting and we will still see him this weekend!
For those of you who dont know, Brayden is Jeremy's 8 year old.
And he is so cute and funny!
And we have missed him sooo much!
Brayden last year at Cub Scouts!

Brayden and LB last year

So today I thought I would post pictures for Flashback Friday!!! 
Back when I thought I was a model annd my Lip percing days!


The day I adopted LadyBug!
Our first christmas together!

My FAV liptsick everrr Sephora Mister Lover
My first and only professional headshot that I thought made me look soo freaking fat!

When I used to wear a crap ton of makeup and have a really good tan!
She was soo tiny then!


Photo taken by me, she was a great model. For the salon I worked for.
When I thought I was a photographer
Darrian (my first nephew) his first christmas!!
I was the first to hold him!!!! Darrian, my first nephew!
My brother and his wife Karen and Darrian!

Darrian he's such a big boy!!!

This was my favorite necklace everrrr! It was broken last summer =(

My very first model and photoshoot with a professional
 photographer for a salon promotion.


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