Thursday, April 4, 2013


Expectations; noun
  1. A strong belief that something will happen or be the case in the future.
  2. A belief that someone will or should achieve something.
I expected that by now I would be 30 pounds lost. I know that people say that the scale isnt everything.
But when your weight goes up more than down while exercising and watching what you eat...its very discouraging.
You know my knees/legs have been hurting. Not to be confused with soreness...actual Pain.
Like right now, while Im writing this, I can feel the tightness in my right knee. Yes, I've been taking ice baths for the past two nights, and I ice it once a day at work. I also elevate it while Im sitting at work. But Im in denial. What it needs is rest.
I read last night that I need to rest it.
Everyday at lunch I ice my right knee for about 20-30Mins
Jeremy and I were also looking at new shoes. (Both of us need shoes)Your supposed to change shoes with about every 500 miles. Ive had my shoes for over 2 and a half years...they have waaaay more than 500 miles on them. The soles on the bottom are pretty much gone. I dont have much grip on them.
So...we've commited to buy new shoes this weekend.
These babies are mine...
 I've heard that Brooks are really good for individuals that have flat feet (Im waving!)
So I'm really excited about getting these! I just know that these are going to help with my running. I want to run sooooooooooo badly! I havent for a few days, just because it hurts soo much!
I dont think I've ever had to experience a pain this bad when running.
 So yesterday on my lunch break I went to Wally world(we needed coffee at the house) And i just knew that I would work I hopped on over to see what the BB Creams looked like. Ive been ready some girl's blogs, and Instagram's and I saw that a few of them swear by this stuff! So I bought some.
Loreal Magic BB Cream $7.89 Walmart

 I tried it out this morning....and I LOVE IT! Seriously, just as soon as I rubbed it on my face...BOOM. Instant gratification baby!! My skin looked unreal!
Somebody is excited! Haahaha!
 I will say its almost as good as my airbrush machine...for those of you who dont know, I was an airbrush makeup artist for 3 years...loved every minute of it!!!

Yep! That's me!

Happy Thirsty Thursday everyone!! Hope your guzzling water of course!!!
LB likes to watch me while I do 30Day Shred!
And she thinks its time to play. She got under me when I was doing my planks!!!
Silly girl!
Peace and Love,


  1. I just started using the Maybelline BB and am not that impressed. It seems a little shiny. Is the L'Oreal?

    1. Wendy,

      I bought the Maybelline one too! But I dont like shiny. So maybe it wont be a good fit. Dunno.
      But the L'Oreal is a matte finish. No shine at all. I love it and totally suggest anyone to buy it!
      ps i try to comment of your blog, but it wont let me!!
      Dagnabbit! Lol..

  2. I also tried the Maybelline Super Stay foundation and love it! The texture is amazing.

  3. Hey girl, you might go to the shoe store and have them help you find the "right" shoes. I am sure you have heard of this. They have you step on a pad and it shows all your pressure points and the shape of your foot. Then they have you try on a average shoe that has good support across the whole bottom of your foot and then they have you run on a tread mill for a little bit. They record you running and then they show you what you are doing (running style) and then they get you fitted with the best shoes possible. Once again they have you run on the treadmill and you can tell if you like the feel of it. I learned a lot when I had this done and for me it was FREE!! I like my new shoes A LOT and the running company helped me out. They are cute and COMFORTABLE. Did you know I was wearing a shoe that was a WHOLE size too small. I suggest doing this just because you are having knee issues, maybe you need better support in a different area. Just a suggestion. If you don't want to buy the shoes there that is fine, just make sure you know the exact shoe that you end up liking and then go online and buy baby buy!

    1. Jessica,
      one of my friends told me about that. I guess I need to research what stores do it!
      Thanks gor the tip girlie!