Thursday, April 11, 2013

Day 16 - Need a little Rain?

Happy Happy Tursday!!!

 Im oober excited because I get off early tomorrow to take some "me" time! Yay! Im going to get my hair done, but I just cant wait.
 I only go about every 5 to 6 months (even though I should totally go more often) but I dont have time for that!! Lol..
Crap ton of In-the-process-of-growing-out hair!!! Hurry up and GROW!!!!

So yesterday as I was heading home I totally forgot that it was our turkey taco night! So I made a last minute turn for Kroger; ran inside (cuz someone turned the super freaking cold button on, in April... and also hit the lets make it rain button too!)
So I grabbed my low sodium taco seasoning and zipped out as fast as I could so that I could get home to JM!
Has anyone tried these? They were soooo good! Refried Black Beans!
You should try em on your next taco night! haha!

I got through it! I pushed hard! There were times when I wanted to put the weights down and just give up...but I kept going! Its not easy. It doesnt get easier, it only becomes more challenging. And I like it! While I was marking off my workout on the calendar tonight, I realized....Im at the HALFWAY mark!!!! 15 days! Thats 15 more than what I thought I was going to make it to! I think by Sunday I will be ready to move on to Level 3!!! And then finish out there!

Serious Business right there!

Also, Dont forget you only have 3 more days till my VERY FIRST giveaway ENDS!!! dun dunn dunnnnn!
So get on it! haha!

This quote touched my heart a little this morning! And it so true!
Keep pushing, keep going!

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