Monday, April 22, 2013

date night, crafting and cookies!

Good Monday morning to all of the beautiful readers that decided to stop by!

I am sad to announce that I do not have anything exciting to report about my weekend. Jeremy worked, I worked on some crafts I wanted to finish and got a little cleaning done. Annnd I cooked a really rockin meal! I'll be sharing that Recipe with yall on my recipe page hopefully later this week! It was called Skinny Manicotti! Im not sure how skinny they actually were because they tasted AMAZING!!! Seriously.

Date Night (Friday) Crafting (Saturday) and Cookies (Sunday) :
I have been listening to 93Q (country station in Houston) and they play this commercial about Firehouse Subs. The restaurant was started and created by Firemen. And who doesnt looove a sexy fireman?!! Hello!
 So I told Jerms thats where I wanted to go.
It was so cool inside. The restaurant was decorated with all kinds of Fireman loot! Super cute!
Ha! My little poser!

Date night outfit!

The food was really good! I wish the experience would have been better. But what do you expect when your dealing with "high school" kids who are not properly taught about Customer Service nor do they give a shit to learn. My number one pet peeve! Customer matter what! And thats all Im going to say!

We really needed a key holder. Last week we both were "losing" "misplacing" our keys when we were needing to have left the house like 5 mins ago... So I decided Friday on our date night to stop by my fav store Michael's to pick up my supplies. Jeremy tagged along and the whole time he was shouting for Michael! Haha! He even asked someone if he was Michael...Then we checked out and he made a joke to the cashier...(she didnt get it) But the lady behind us did, and she looked at me and said you must be a very patient woman! haha...I said we've been together for a long time! lol..Jeremy always make me laugh. No matter where we are what we are doing. We stay laughing! I can only be mad at him for like a second!
Anyways, so Saturday while he was working hard, I made us a super cute Key holder!
Personalized key holder.
I was quite happy with the way that it turned out! I love to craft! If I could do it all day I totally would! Craft and go to the gym!
I also finished a few earring organizers, and got a few more ideas for some later on this week.

 I just love how these turn out!

Last night I made Gluten Free Flax seed Peanut Butter Cookies; because I got the hankering for something sweet, and we have NO junk food in the house! Like zero!
So I whipped out my recipe box and chose Peanut Butter Cookies and added Flax seed!
They were freakin good! Jeremy sure enjoyed them! cookie monster! He looves Peanut Butter too!

And probably the most exciting news EVER! Jeremy and I won a trip to VEGAS!!!! So we have to sit down sometime in the near future and plan our vacation to VEGAS!!! Neither one of us has been so we are both super pumped!!!
Alright, thats all I got for yas! Its a short week for me at work because its Brayden's Spring break this week and I pick him up on YAY!!! for Vacation!!!
Oh and ps...Allergies SUCK!!!!!!!! I've been sneezing and coughing and eyes itching all weekend!!!! ughh!
Happy Marilyn Monday yall!

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